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Laura uses her extensive understanding of the law and vast courtroom experience to guide clients through the entire litigation process from consultation to resolution. Whether the matter settles early in the process or reaches conclusion at trial, Laura is a strong advocate throughout.


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I chose Laura not only because of her professionalism but because she is a shark in the courtroom. I personally like this approach. She knows what is best for her clients and is not afraid to go after what her clients need and want. Laura has done an outstanding job for me and my needs. I would recommend and have recommended Laura.

Kirsten Theis

Laura is all business – her approach is very straight forward and always focused on getting the job done. She doesn’t beat around the bush and tells it like it is. She does a great job explaining the legal process and gives excellent advice/council. Laura is the type of attorney that knows what’s best for her clients, even when they don’t. She was a lifesaver during my custody hearings.

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“I hired Laura Schultz to represent me regarding a couple of issues involving my children. I was worried that I could lose everything that mattered to me. It was a long road, but Laura made me feel safeguarded and I ended up with a positive outcome. I’d hire Laura again.”

Former Client